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Searching for Conflicting Trademarks

While it is not required that you search for conflicting trademarks, it can be a good idea to do so anyway. Should there be any existing trademarks registered that conflict with yours, your application will be denied and your filing fees will not be refunded.

Additionally, you must note that because trademarks can be created through common law by using the mark, it is also advisable to search for common law trademarks.

It is less important to conduct a common law search, but if you wish start with phone books, industrial directories, Yellow Pages or try contacting a search firm who can do the search for you.

At the moment the Indian trademark registry is not equipped to provide online search services. Alternatively, you can use a professional trademark search company, such as TRADEMARKS4INDIA.COM, to research not only Indian registered marks but also common law trademarks.

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