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TRADEMARKS4INDIA.COM  provides for you professional , hassle free documentation services in the following areas:


1. Trademark search report

2. Trademark search and Clearance report

3. Trade name search report

4. Full Trademark Clearance Report 

This includes:

1. Trademark Search

This search covers the goods and services in the class(es) specified by the client.
The client receives an official trademark search report from the Indian Trademark Registry
The report will contain details of all identical or similar products/ services in the requested category for which a trademark registration has been granted or applications filed

2. Trade name search

Looks for identical or similar listed Trade names in India
Conducted within a national database that includes companies, partnerships, firms, news files etc
The report will have business listings of identical and similar marks

3. Expert study on registrability.

Along with the search report, which tells you about the existence or otherwise of a similar or identical mark, We provide expert opinion on whether the mark/name in question can be registered.

This is the most comprehensive and therefore the most effective search in the Indian context. Most malafide users of marks identical or similar to established marks in India are small businesses which do not register the marks that they use with the Registrar of Trademarks. Therefore, a search of the Register of Trademarks alone would not detect that presence of such operators.

Our Comprehensive Search service provides you with the means of getting the results that you need, by extending the search to our national database of companies, firms, partnerships, news files, and internet content

4. Trademark Monitoring

Our monitoring service monitors the trade mark Journals for applications that may conflict with your brand. This gives you the opportunity to object to the use and registration of that trade mark on the basis of your earlier trade mark rights.

5. Online Preparation and Physical Filing of trademark application

Expert review of the application prepared by you and filing of trademark application single class in the registry with jurisdiction in single class

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