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TRADEMARKS4INDIA.COM is an initiative of MARCMEDIUS, a consultancy firm which specializes in Intellectual Property Law and operates with a national footprint and global reach. This initiative was prompted due to the general lack of awareness of the very basics of the concept of Trademark Law in India.

The stated mission is to enable India's trademark owners to adopt develop, protect & derive maximum value from their Intellectual Property assets especially trademarks. There are two dimensions to this strategy for helping Indian enterprises to achieve the same. On the one hand, TRADEMARKS4INDIA.COM works as an easily accessible and complete source of information on all the dimensions of Trademark and other Intellectual Property Rights. On the other, it is a one-stop shop for end-to-end, full spectrum non legal business services.

Since inception, TRADEMARKS4INDIA.COM has worked towards creating a brand that stands for accessibility, quality, cost-effectiveness, transparency and trust. It can now be confidently said that TRADEMARKS4INDIA.COM has achieved what it set out to do, thanks to a combination of a business friendly approach, the use of technology wherever possible, and an unwavering commitment to values.

This strategy, coupled with the fact that we at TRADEMARKS4INDIA.COM were the pioneers in using this model to deliver value to our users and clients, has made us the largest player in our field. Our initial focus, which was on trademarks related services, has now widened to include copyrights and other dimensions of intellectual property rights. Our core competencies coupled with new skill-sets acquired by associating with experienced professionals in this industry, have been of great value to our clients who trust us for their brand's safety and security.

This website will explain how we will help you make smart, highly informed choices when it comes to choosing a business identity, developing, maintaining and protecting the same so that your business identity in itself becomes one of the most valuable assets that you possess, if not the most valuable one

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