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TRADEMARKS4INDIA.COM's International Services division is a unit that has been set up exclusively to facilitate the international service requirements of our major clients. We have a wide network of attorneys and agencies overseas, with reciprocal relationships across almost all jurisdictions.

Moreover, we also provide the full range of trade mark and registration services in the UK and Europe, via the Community Trade Mark (CTM) System.

We select, and are selected by overseas attorneys, on the basis of quality of service and high professional capability in each country, and the service levels received are under constant review. Our service coverage has now extended to almost 50 countries and is a safe bet for Indian companies which are looking to registering trademarks abroad. If you are part of one such Indian company which is looking at registering your trademarks abroad, please click here.

Given the great potential of achieving quality as well as volume businesses, a large number of foreign organizations are currently attempting to enter the Indian market. If you are part of one such foreign company which is looking at trademark protection in India, please click here.

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