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How To Get Started

TRADEMARKS4INDIA.COM's advanced and trusted documentation technology helps you prepare quality and affordable legal documents. Just follow our simple 3 step process:

1. Complete the questionnaire:

Fill out the easy-to-follow questionnaire. You'll always have access to our resources in the Trademark/Copyright Zone, FAQs and customer support staff to guide you through. TRADEMARKS4INDIA.COM guarantees that the information you give us will be kept confidential.

2. We prepare the documents:

TRADEMARKS4INDIA.COM's legal document assistants review the answers you provide for completeness, spelling and grammar. If necessary, our legal document assistants will ensure that your documents are in the proper format for filing with government agencies.

Option Two

TRADEMARKS4INDIA.COM identifies an associate attorney and forwards your questionnaire to him/her to file an application. In this case a notarized authorization needs to be given.

3. Follow final instructions:

Incase of Option One, TRADEMARKS4INDIA.COM will then print your document on quality acid-free paper and deliver it to you for final review and signature. You also have the option of receiving the document via e-mail. Thereafter, just follow the final instructions we provide to make it legal. It's that simple!

Incase of Option Two, TRADEMARKS4INDIA.COM will assist the associate attorney in filing your application and will do the routine follow ups with registry.

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